WTKI Well Test Design Software

The WTKI Well Test Design Toolkit is a suite of web-based applications which provide the well test engineer with all the tools necessary to design a well test facility from the reservoir to the flare tip.

The toolkit was designed from the ground up to be used by well test engineers. Each tool addresses a specific aspect of well test design, from PSV sizing, to line sizing, flare heat radiation and much more.

The interface is user friendly and training sessions can be arranged to get you up and running quickly. It is cloud based software which can be logged into from any device which supports the use of browsers including your smartphone.

Watch the suporting video at https://youtu.be/7e2arwG9OYQ

List of Tools in the Toolkit

  • Pipe Flow Simulation for line sizing
  • Noise calculation
  • PSV Sizing (Gas Service)
  • PSV Sizing (Liquid Service)
  • Gas (Flare) Heat Radiation Modelling
  • Oil (Flare) Heat Radiation Modelling
  • Atmospheric Gas Dispersion
  • Flare Stack Modelling
  • Gas Properties
  • Oil Properties
  • Gas Flow Rate Conversion (Volumetric to Mass Flowrate Conversion)
  • Choke Calculations
  • Pressure Control Valve Sizing (Separator Pressure)
  • Leak Rate Calculation (For performing in-flow tests)
  • Well Flow Simulation (For modelling fluid behaviour in producing or injection wells)
  • Static Well Pressure (For modelling fluid behaviour in static wells)
  • Well Depths Conversion (Well Trajectory Tool for MD, TVD & Deviation Conversions)
  • Hydrate Formation Prediction