About Us

WTKI is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service in support of our clients well test or completions operations. We are a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers providing a range of services from well test interpretation to specialist consulting. The company directors Nick Last & Paul Nardone are widely known in the industry internationally.

Paul Nardone (Director) has almost 30 years of industry experience, specializing in well testing & completions. He is the author of “Well Testing Project Management”, one of the few practical well testing books available and currently serves as president of the Well Test Association of Australasia. Paul has been the key focal point for planning well test operations for many operators. He has been involved with every aspect of well test and completions planning and has also supervised numerous field operations, both onshore and offshore.

Nick Last (Director) has over 30 years experience having started his oil and gas industry career with Flopetrol-Schlumberger in the North Sea in the 1980’s, and subsequently worked with Schlumberger as a well test supervisor, logging engineer, well test interpretation specialist, and as Location Manager in Thailand. Since leaving Schlumberger in 1993 he has become recognized as a regional subject matter expert in well test supervision, pressure transient analysis and production log interpretation. Nick has particular experience in the fluvial, stacked-sand reservoir environment that is widespread in SE Asia and Western Australia; his recent SPE Paper, Estimating Zonal Gas-in-Place in a Commingled Well Using Results from Production Logs (SPE 158733), addresses methodologies for reservoir characterisation in this type of play.

Rita Nardone (General Manager) has over 12 years idirect industry experience and over 30 years in engineering starting life as a Metallurgist, with an extensive network of contacts on every continent.  She was responsible for promoting the widespread recognition of the hazards of pinned to seabed operations from floating facilities.  She co-authored and presented the paper on Management of Hazards During Pinned to Seabed Operations and is Secretary of the Well Test Association of Australisia

For further information on anything on the website or about WTKI, please contact sales@wtki.com.au