Perforating Gun Lift Modelling

For many operators, the goal of safely re-perforating an existing well without the need to plug back or isolate intervals offers significant advantages in terms of the overall well economics.

Ensure trouble free perforation operations using our perforating lift modelling capability.

Wireline Deployed Guns

Wireline re-perforation operations can be safely executed with proper planning even for high flow rate gas wells, we have many years’ experience designing precisely this type of operation in different parts of the world.

The modelling considers such variables as free hanging versus eccentric cables inside deviated wells. Gun buoyancy, the effects of transient flow exerting cable lift forces. and the changing fluid properties along the wellbore.

This type of study examines the effects of crossflow behaviour which can potentially apply downward forces placing loads on the wireline cable weak point. This is sensitive to the differential pressure that may exist between new and older perforations.

Our modelling provides the input to designing a safe wireline perforation program, identifying the safest size guns to use and which zones to perforate along with the optimal perforation sequence.

TCP & Anchored Gun Systems

This methodology is also applied to other gun deployment systems such as TCP and anchored guns.