WTKI Well Simulator

The WTKI Well Simulator provides the well engineer with an accessible and easy to use well modelling capability. This tool will appeal to any type of wells engineer in drilling, production, completions & interventions.

The well simulator can model the behaviour of any mixture of fluids in the wellbore and for any condition whether the well is producing, injecting, or static. Models can be built in minutes and run-in seconds.

The interface is user friendly with help files provided and training available. It is cloud based software which can be accessed from any device.

The Well Simulator comprises of three individual tools

  • Depth Converter
  • Static Well Pressure
  • Well Flow Simulator


  • Deviation Survey Data Import
  • Pipe Roughness
  • Multiple Flow Regimes (live oil, wet gas, dry gas, water cut)
  • Production, Injection or Static well modelling
  • Bottomhole or Surface Input / Output nodes
  • MD & TVD to Deviation Calculator
  • MD & Deviation to TVD Calculator
  • Numerous Modelling Outputs
    • Well pressure profile
    • Well temperature profile
    • Fluid velocity
    • Erosion velocity
    • Liquid / gas holdup
    • Turner velocity
    • Vibration
    • Water vapor
    • Density / Viscosity

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