WTKI Production Log Services

A large proportion of wells produce from – or inject into - layered or commingled reservoirs. Scratch the surface even of a “single zone” completion and you’ll often uncover a layered system of different facies with differing characteristics.

Deciphering the behaviour of a layered or commingled production system without production logs is like making a medical diagnosis with only a stethoscope; you might get lucky and make the right call, but your chances are slim. You need more, and more layer-specific, data.

Production Log Answers

With appropriate PL data, you get the chance to see what fluids are coming from where (or where your injected fluid is going), to see

  • what’s connected to what
  • what’s not connected to very much at all
  • what looks smaller than you’d expect
  • what looks larger
  • what zones are underperforming and
  • what zones are better than advertised
  • what’s connected to water

That sort of information can tell you a lot not only about the well you logged but also about the potential well that you should – or perhaps shouldn’t – be drilling …

Designing PL programs and interpreting PL data is something about which we have many decades of experience.

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