Well Test Knowledge International

Well Test Knowledge International

Well Test Knowledge International (WTKI), provides professional consulting services in well testing (including analysis), completions and related areas of petroleum engineering. Training courses are also provided. Formed in 2012 WTKI has offices in Australia and the UK and global consultants working under the two directors – Nick Last and Paul Nardone, both renowned in their fields of expertise.

Recent and current consulting projects have taken us from our original Australian home base to Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Bangladesh and South America, and have covered a wide range of topics including well test & completions design and supervision, subsea well intervention, well test and production log interpretation, water injection and disposal, commingled reservoir characterization, validation of well testing packages, dynamic modelling and field optimization. We have our own in-house software for Well Test Design reports, Comingled Well Modelling and heat and noise studies. We also provide field guidelines for well testing and completions

We've delivered multiple training courses covering well testing project management, well testing for technicians, well test interpretation, production logging, completions, subsea engineering, and commingled reservoir management. Our scope is international: the classes have been run in Perth, Queensland, South Australia, London, Kuala Lumpur, Tianjin, Ho Chi Min City, Tehran, Bangkok , Kuwait, Bangladesh, Turkey, Aberdeen and Houston. Our training client base includes service companies, operating companies of all sizes, and regulatory agencies.

Following our paper on Compensator Lock ups - we are global agents for Super Bails - self-contained passive compensators - the right choice for engineered solutions to compensator lock up and with over 25,000 industry contacts are keen to bring on more business development consultancy work.

Contact us at Rita.Nardone@wtki.co.uk.

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We have 1 course coming up.
Course - Well Test Design United Kingdom starting 8am BST (London time)
Online link to be provided following registration
12 – 15 April 2021 Details and Registration

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Nick and Paul give you what you need to confidently supervise and manage a Well Test Operation from a high level. Given their combined years of experience in the area, they walk their talk. Few times I have left a training course feeling so confident and getting exactly what I expected from it. Being run through engineering theory, field application, HSE, operations, equipment, procedures, field tricks and how to read between the lines, clearly tells me that they listened to my expectations when we walked into the room on day 1. Highly recommended!

Javier Rhonda - Staff Completions Engineer Santos Ltd.