Commingled Well Models

Our Commingled Well Model (CWM) is the result of many years of experience in well analysis. This package is a powerful tool for anyone attempting to understand commingled well flow behaviour. The Software works as a predictive or as an analytical tool:


In predictive mode the CWM can be used to model the behaviour of a new commingled completion or to look at the effect of changing an existing completion (adding perforations or shutting a zone off, for example). The model predicts the performance of each layer including overall production and crossflows between layers.


In analytical mode the model can be used to match well surveillance results such as production logs or distributed temperature (DTS) data. Combining this information with the well’s production history and its initial conditions allows the user to infer how reserves are distributed between layers. This facilitates optimization of production and future field development.

The software is easy to use and is available only from WTKI. It is significantly cheaper and easier to use than other software’s and can be installed easily on any PC.

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