Well Testing and Completions

Project Support

WTKI works with different operators internationally to support a range of projects from well testing and completions through to full field development. We provide full project management services or small packages of work such as data interpretation, validations, inspections services or personnel consulting. 

We can work remotely to save you money – especially at the beginning of a project when a full-time engineer is not required. We are also happy to work at your office and can ramp up and down as the work load requires. As we are truly independent, there is no risk of compromise.

Well Test & Completions Expertise

• Well test & completions design & project management

• Service contract management

• Tender and contracts technical scope of supply & technical evaluations

• Risk assessment

• Wellsite supervision and other services

• Technical support

All work is carried out under the supervision of Paul Nardone with over 30 years’ experience in Well testing and completions, who literally wrote the book on Well Testing Project Management – see https://www.amazon.com/Well-Testing-Project-Management-Operations-ebook/dp/B002ZJSVHI

Our consultants are globally based and we are ready to help with your project however big or small. To help with our work we have our own:-

Well Test Design software
Heat and Noise calculations software
Personnel Services

Specialist consultants make up a significant cost during operations planning. Our organization has the flexibility to allow you access to the expertise you need without the commitment in cost normally involved with taking on consultants and with the backing of WTKI.  Unlike any body shop, we really understand your business and will place the right people in the roles and offer full support of those people at all times.

Guidelines (Well Test/Completions/Subsea)

Are you following industry best practice? WTKI maintains up to date guidelines and procedures written by highly experienced engineers.  Ask for a quotation now

Well test validation 

We are one of the most experienced organizations at performing validations both for regulatory and in-house company compliance. Our validations engineers are highly experienced and operationally active.  

Well Test and Completions FIeld Guidelines

Our pocket sized Well Test and Completions Field Guidelines are packed with check lists and handy conversion tables to help you ensure you run a safe and properly prepared test

To purchase a copy and for more information, click on our products menu at the top of the page

Design Validation & Peer Review

• Well test design validation

• Subsea design validation

• Well test & completion design peer review

Quality Assurance & Control

• Quality assurance & control plans

• Sub assembly and equipment preparation inspections

• Pre-mobilisation preparation inspections

• Wellsite verification inspections

Well Testing Project Management Book

This textbook is one of the few books ever written which details the methodology for planning and executing a well test operation from start to finish. Written by a well-recognized and experienced well test engineer Paul Nardone. 

Available from Amazon

Sampling, Chemical Injection and Sand Management

WTKI are representing Proserv’s Sampling & Injection Solutions. For over 40 years, Proserv has engineered, designed, and manufactured a range of solutions for sampling, incorporating sample containment, transportation cylinders, and chemical injection systems. 

Sample Cylinders – Exploration, Production & Subsea cylinders for the safe containment, transportation and long term storage of pressurized hydrocarbon samples. Transportation certification offered includes DOT (USA), TC (Canada), PED, TPED (Europe) and Australian standards
Downhole Sampling  – Sampling tools to capture high quality conventional or single phase reservoir samples at reservoir pressure & temperature to accurately evaluate and appraise a reservoir
Subsea Sampling – Rentable ROV underslung & diver operated  subsea sampling units to capture a pressurized sample from a subsea tree, pipeline or manifold
Sand & Solids Sampling – Fixed and mobile units to safely and consistently capture a sample of sand / solids to quantify production and determine physical properties
Fluid Sampling Systems – Manual & Automated sampling panels & systems including ProMix homogenizing units
Bespoke Sampling Solutions – In house engineering and design to fit your application. For example, sampling of gravity based structures subsea pre-decommissioning
Injection Chemical Management Systems – Remote monitoring of injection flow data, simple retrofit to existing chemical injection systems

Super Bails

We are the global agent for Super Bails – an engineered solution to compensator lock-up.  Please see Products at the top of the page for more details

Business Development Consultancy

We have access to our own network of industry managers and specialists throughout the world.

Using our highly experienced business development know-how, we can promote your brand

along with your products and services to produce rapid expansion in your market.

Case Study

In 2016 we published our paper “Managing Hazards During Pinned to Seabed Operations” which both detailed the nature of this process safety hazard and described the current industry practice toward its management. This paper has been downloaded over five thousand times and referenced by major operators. In consequence we now promote the AME Super Bails which provide a practical and cost-effective solution to this significant process safety hazard.

Current and recent activity

• Onshore & Offshore Well Test Design, Resourcing & Project Management Brunei

• Carbon sequestration injection well test design

• Onshore well test design and wellsite supervision PNG

• Offshore completions development including well testing, project management & supervision - PNG

• Deepwater well test design – Vietnam

• Light well intervention planning & supervision –Australia

• Well test design validations for multiple offshore projects – Australia