Well test well site guidelines

 Field Guidelines 


1. Job details
a. Personnel planner
b. Reference information
c. Completion information
d. Reservoir
e. Well Test Specifications
f. Objectives
g. Contact list
2. TCP
a. Various (reference info & sub assembly details)
3. Subsea
a. Various (reference info & sub assembly details)
4. SWT Rig-up
a. Order of tasks
b. Equipment lists
c. Rig up checklists
d. Methanol management guidance
e. Emergency shutdown preparations
f. Steam system
g. Compressors
h. Heat suppression
i. Electrical & Hazardous Areas
5. Commissioning
a. Pressure Test Guideline
b. Checklists
c. Pressure Test Record
d. ESD function checks
e. ER response plan
f. Fire crew briefing
g. Fire watch duties
h. Fire equipment placement
i. Heat suppression system
j. Heat & Noise Briefing
6. Hydrogen Sulphide
a. Personal Safety
b. H2S Concentration in Flow Stream
c. Detection

d. H2S response plan
e. Training, Drills & Meetings
f. H2S Partial Pressures
7. Hydrates
a. Various outline of hazards and controls etc.
8. Pipework & Flanges
a. Pipework practice
b. Securing
c. Secondary Restraint
d. General Pipework information
e. Hammer Union Reference Material
f. ANSI Flange Reference Material
g. API Flange Reference Material
h. Ring Gaskets
i. Make up procedures
j. Hub Connectors
k. Thickness Survey
l. Specifications
9. Instrumentation
a. P & ID
b. NPT Threads
c. PTFE Tape
d. Tube Fittings
10. Critical Path Operations
a. Preflow checklists
b. Briefings
c. Clean up criteria
d. Drawdown criteria
e. Build up criteria
f. Reporting & Data Quality
g. Choke Equation
h. Gilbert Equation
11. Incident Reports
12. Unit Conversions
13. Formulas
14. Abbreviations
15. References


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